Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Global Warming is Inconvenient!

In 2011, President Barrack H. Obama mentioned global warming only one (1) time in public!
by Charlie Leck

Global warming will not be a big subject in the 2012 presidential election. The Republicans will bring it up only to pooh-pooh it; and the Democrats will try to avoid the subject so they don’t alienate those who don’t believe such an environmental phenomenon is taking place. All of this at a time when the evidence proving global warming builds to a cacophonous level while the percentage of Americans who do not believe global warming grows.

It makes me want to scream!

What good would it do if I so lost my composure? The disciples of Rush Limbaugh would just laugh at me as I go on worrying myself silly about the kind of world we are leaving my grandchildren. I have two brothers who think I’m crazy to believe so fully in the word of the world’s finest atmospheric scientists.

These scientists overwhelmingly argue that global warming is not only happening, but it is happening at a faster pace than previously believed. The number of scientists who don’t go along with the theory is very small and almost all of them are not highly regarded.

I watched a 44 second video the other day made by a genuinely silly man in Provo, Utah. The video showed a heavy snow storm in late April. The cameraman and narrator (same guy) was screaming that he was recording evidence that global warming is a lot of nonsense. Some science! This guy, of course, is a follower of Rush Limbaugh.

On the other hand, watch this very calm and rational video (23 minutes) that comes out of Yale University. It follows immediately below or you can watch it on You Tube by clicking here.  It is an interview with Bo Ekman, the founder and chairman of the Tällberg Foundation

Should we be hiding our heads in the sand, hoping these scientists are incorrect? It seems that the general public would rather bet their chips on Rush Limbaugh than on places like Yale University. This is very exasperating.

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