Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Craziness Unleashed in Iowa

2012 will be like no campaign year we’ve ever seen and it is all thanks to five (5) members of your dizzy-lame-brained United States Supreme Court.
by Charlie Leck

Here are the guys you can thank, my friends.
Here are the guys of highest rank –
the guys who played this mighty prank –
the guys who broke the election bank!

Yes sir, here are the five guys to whom we owe a debt for the exciting political show that is opening in a town near you. Let’s hear it for them! “With all due respect! With all due respect!”

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
Associate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr.
Associate Justice Antonin Scalia
Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

The show debuted in Iowa. It’s not getting very good reviews but is it ever bringing in the big money. Now, with corporate money passing into Political Action Groups (PACs) liked greased lightning, there is plenty – plenty, plenty, plenty – of money to make each and every candidate look like the rear end of an American donkey.

The 2010 Supreme Court, in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, destroyed America’s system of dikes and dams and disallowed any restrictions on the amounts of money that corporations or unions can give to PACs. This has brought in the day of big-big-big-big buck political campaigning and, if Iowa is an indicator, it is going to be pretty ugly and pitiful stuff.

Several reporters have called it a “blitzkrieg” of political ads. Old-timers in Iowa are left shaking their heads. They’ve never seen anything like it – even after thinking they had seen it all. As reporter Kevin Diaz put it for the StarTribune newspaper here in Minnesota…

“Negative ads aren’t new in politics, but the stealthy way they can be paid for is. This is the first presidential election that will be contested under the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling… which knocked down restrictions on political spending by corporations and wealthy individuals.”

David Bossie, the current president of Citizens United, gloating about his organizations victory in the Supreme Court decision, called what we’re seeing in Iowa “unbridled democracy in action.”
Mr. Bossie, have you ever been on a crazy horses that tosses its bridle? That’s called a ride on the wild side!

Isn’t that what we were all hoping for? Unbridled election campaigns? Election campaigns gone wild?

Diaz reports that an estimated 12.5 million dollars has been spent so far in this campaign – just, mind you, in Iowa. Iowa is a very small state (in the population rankings) and marks only the beginning of this madness.

Oh, boy! When groups like RESTORE OUR FUTURE, about which we know virtually nothing, can spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns, and run some of the slimiest attack ads you are ever going to see, we are in really deep doo-doo.

Well, y’all have fun in 2012. You have only 10 more months of this ahead of you. And don’t forget to keep thanking those five guys from the silliest U.S. Supreme Court line-up in the nation’s history.

Da… da… dat’s all folks!

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