Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1501 and a Time for a Break

We celebrated a couple of nights ago and now I will try to recover!
by Charlie Leck

Monday we posted our 15 hundredth Ad Astra blog. Monday night we celebrated. Thank you for your many notes of congratulations.

 Now it is time to recover and rest up. I’m going to visit the Sand Hills of Nebraska for a few days. I’ve never been there before and I look forward to it. My blog will be silent while I’m gone. When I return I’ll have some photographs and something to say about the Dismal River and the Sand Hills. Please, come back then.

“The Dismal River is a spring fed short stream that flows quietly and peacefully through the Nebraska Sand Hills. Its pace and its depth is always the same. It never overflows and it never dries up. Amazingly, it is one of the most consistent rivers in the world.
“…today it is rarely visited and seldom viewed. It is seen and known only to the occasional canoeist, the townspeople of Dunning, Nebraska, where it empties in the Loup, and the travelers on Highway 97 (very few), who cross the river on the way to and from Mullen, Nebraska and beyond. The people who see it the most are the golfers: the guests at Sand Hills Golf Club where the Dismal meanders unpretentiously behind the Club’s cottages and those at the Dismal River Club where the deck from the clubhouse looks down on the Dismal River Valley, the likely location of Buffalo Bill’s last battle with the Indians.”
           [Buffalo Bill, the Dismal River and the Nebraska Sand Hills by Dean G. Kratz]

In the meantime
In the meantime, please support Minnesotans United for All Families in its efforts to defeat the proposed amendment to the Minnesota Constitution in the November election. The amendment will limit the scope of marriage. In other words, give generously!

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