Friday, May 18, 2012

A Zucker Born Every Minute

If I want to share a photographic of my grandkids, I’ll just send it along to
you in an email! This is a wonderful picture of my Chicago granddaughters.

I swore off Facebook a couple of years ago – I took the pledge – and with the help of some good friends I’ve managed to stay off it.
by Charlie Leck

Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth will become much clearer after today and, likely, much larger. Let’s just say he’ll be worth many billions of dollars more than he is now. He is not yet thirty years old.

Facebook, a company that I can’t quite believe could be worth that much and which I am at a total loss to explain to anyone who hasn’t dabbled in it, will go public today and many deranged people will be frantically trying to buy stock in the company. I will not. I’m too confused about just what Facebook is to invest money in it.

I fooled around in Facebook for a couple of years. I eventually had to step back and count my chips. What the hell am I doing here? I have books to read, stories to write and rounds of golf to play. Frankly, I’d be benefited more richly if I got more deeply into Outdoor Grilling by Zorn Burntfinger. And I have John Sandford’s latest book to read also (Buried Prey).

I had a few good friends on Facebook and a few new and intriguing ones with whom I would have been happy to keep in touch. I suggested to them that we communicate in that extremely old fashioned way – by email – but not a single one of them took me up on the offer. That means, I am sure, that they are either not interested in retaining the contact or they think I am a sick, stuck-in-the-mud, out-of-touch old fart. It’s just that there were things I wanted to say to Cecilia that I didn’t want to say to Ralph; and there were things about my photography in which Cooper would be interested that would have bored the hell out of Helen.

Today, I officially lose the argument, and Mr. Zuckerberg wins – big time! Yet, unless something spectacularly new happens, I’m off of Facebook – turned off by it and pissed off by it. If Maureen wants to me to see photographs of her grandkids, she can send them along the old-fashioned way – via email.

My friend, Sam, disagrees with me. So, I asked him to explain the benefit(s) of Facebook – beyond starting a revolution in Egypt, I mean – and he certainly couldn’t do it to my satisfaction. Oh, well!

To quote the famous P.T. Barnum, “There’s a zucker born every minute!”

And this is my Oregon grandson proudly showing off
his new baseball uniform just before his very first game!

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