Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It’s a Bit of a Pother

I enjoy my daily Word of the Day email and always try to take it seriously!
by Charlie Leck

“It’s no pother!”

Do you do the Word of the Day from Dictionary.Com? Each day they send out a vocabulary word for you to think about, ponder and, perhaps, incorporate into you own vocabulary.

I enjoy the service and try, as my time permits, to take it seriously. They recommend that one use the word four or five times during the day to help incorporate it into one’s natural vocabulary. Sometimes the word is so freakishly uncommon that this is a difficult assignment.

Today’s word is pother: “a heated discussion, debate or argument; fuss; to-do;” or, perhaps, a “commotion or uproar.” It might also be “a choking or suffocating cloud, as of smoke or dust.”

Naturally it gave me an idea for a blog about politics and political campaigning in America these days. I’m thinking about the last explanation of the word’s meaning (underlined above). I’ll pass!

You can go to Dictionary.com and sign up for the word of the day service if you wish. If you do you’ll sometimes catch me using my blog as one of the places to try out new words.

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