Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tear it Up!

Sometimes – a few times – my best blogs have been the ones I’ve torn up and not published.
by Charlie Leck

This morning I did the modern equivalent of tearing up a draft of a blog! I double-deleted it from my computer. You should be glad I did. I wrote about President Obama’s girl friends. I was just repeating and rehashing stuff David Maraniss wrote about in his new book, a biography [Barack Obama: The Story].

I read through my draft and chuckled. I reached up and tapped the delete-all button. He was a boy once, even as I – and I know it’s hard to believe – was. I made a lot of mistakes as a boy and most of them were about girls. They confused the hell out of me. I never did get them figured out.

The President did a helluva lot better job than I. What I read about young Barack and his girlfriends makes me like him even more.

“Thanks,” he told one of them after she said she loved him. Why didn’t I think of that?

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