Friday, May 11, 2012

Bachmann, the Swiss Lady, Opposes that Nation’s Protection of Gay Rights

Bachmann confuses me about so many things that my title may be a little bit misleading, but it goes somewhere near the heart of the point (whatever that is).
by Charlie Leck

On Michele Bachmann and her Swiss joint-citizenship, Suzi Parker’s little piece in the Washigton Post is absolutely wonderful. It’s very humorous and delightful to read

Along the same theme, Ms. Bachmann wagged her tongue mightily after the President’s announcement, telling us all that the President is out of touch with real Americans. (Evidently, I am not a real American – thank you very much Ms. Bachmann!)

As the Washington Post article points out, Switzerland, generally considered a socialist nation, happens to recognize the right for gays to marry. They must be out of touch also – a rather harsh criticism of her new country. I won’t ruin any of the other surprises for you.

However, I will list for you here the other nations in the world that fully recognize the rights for Gays to marry and that will be all on this subject…

The Netherlands
South Africa

Perhaps Ms. Bachmann will seek citizenship in all of them. Perhaps her strategy is to convert them all back to the good, old American way of seeing righteousness.

The woman is a bore and I hope she is thrown the heck out of the Congress.

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