Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Power of the Tweet

I forget about Twitter all the time. When I finally remember that I tweet, I have many dozens of irrelevant tweets to go through to find the one or two that I enjoy. Is it worth it? It is if you accept the account below...
by Charlie Leck

Twitter is changing places like China!

There was an interesting story in the Washington Post last Saturday that explains how China probably would have reacted differently to the problem they were having with the activist, Chen Guangcheng, had it not been for Twitter. They were a bit nervous about the power of the tweet and how the general population might use it. The central argument in the article (essay) may be too strong, but it is enough to make us curious…

“…the role of social media in highlighting his case, and in detailing the harsh treatment meted out to his friends and supporters, seems for many to mark a seminal moment in the Communist government’s decades-long history of repressing dissent and stifling information.

The article is worth a read and makes me sit up and take a little more interest in Twitter.

Do you tweet? I have a Twitter account, but I don’t really use it. One is limited to a certain number of characters. I have a difficult time being that brief. I did, however, read about a group of writers who put together a short story writing contest. Each story has to fit within one tweet. Interesting!

I’d tell you how to follow me on Twitter, but I don’t even know how to do that. Oh, my! Just follow my blog instead (to do so, the instructions are below).

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