Friday, May 25, 2012

A Simple Truth, Plainly Spoken

Why do we always want to complicate things that, in fact, are very, very simple?
by Charlie Leck

Maureen Dowd wrote plainly in the NY Times this week, in a column she called Father Doesn’t Know Best

The bishops and the Vatican care passionately about putting women in chastity belts. Yet they let unchaste priests run wild for decades, unconcerned about the generations of children who were violated and raped and passed around like communion wine.

In her blog, Dowd pointed back to some very reliable statistics…

82% of Catholics say birth control is morally acceptable
89% of all Americans agree

Tony Rugare tweets and blogs and I follow both. He has a very simple wisdom, spoken plainly and definitively. On a recent tweet he said:

“If most Catholics support contraception why do they allow their money to condemn it?”

Some things seem so simple, but there are people who want to complicate them. The clergy tends to do that. And that’s God’s truth. I swear it!

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