Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Secretary of State

Is the verdict still out on Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State? I don’t think so! She is doing a helluva good job and I think nearly everyone recognizes it.
by Charlie Leck

The Republicans will attack our current President about virtually all things domestic. When it comes to foreign policy and the handling of world problems, I think the Republicans will be very laid back and quiet. That, I think, is due to Hillary Clinton

As an aside, I wish Hillary Clinton would hire a fashion consultant who would help her dress more smartly and attractively. That’s my only complaint about her as Secretary of State. The woman is doing a bang-up job and has to get an A+ for her work ethic and a solid A for her effectiveness. This has nothing to do with her recent work, which has been amazingly good, but for her entire first three years in the job.

Not only is she doing a good job, but she appears to be popular and well-received by the international community of nations. Naturally, the Iranians don’t like her because she’s been tough on them. Elsewhere in the world, however, I think nations like dealing with her and they believe she’s a straight-shooter and dependable.

I like the way Secretary Clinton quietly does her work. She must have a very good team surrounding her. She seems always prepared and extremely well informed. She does not do her work in the press, but in private and dignified discussions with world leaders.

She was recently extremely well received in China, where she had to conduct delicate and sensitive negotiations about the blind Chinese lawyer who has been such a thorn in the side of Chinese government leaders. She was equally well received on her most recent trip to India where she was sent to discuss that nation’s relations with Iran. China and India have grown into true world powers (both militarily and economically) and it is now incumbent upon our country to deal with them as equals. The Secretary of State has done just that and you will notice that there is little or no criticism of her work coming from politicians of whatever standing in America.

Mrs. Clinton’s husband (you know the guy) has recently been seen left gasping at her work ethic. He told ABC that “She’s tired; she needs some time off." There are whispers within her party about her being the ideal Presidential candidate.

Bill Keller, in the New York Times, says that “Clinton is 64 years old, with a Calvinistic work ethic, the stamina of an Olympian, an E.Q. (emotional and educational quotient) to match her I.Q., and the political instincts of a Clinton.”

Scott Pelley, on 60 Minutes said what has become obvious: “She doesn’t let anyone work harder!”

She is also an extraordinarily faithful member of the administration even though, I believe, there have been times when she’s been exasperated by the President.

Unfortunately, the only criticism of Clinton seems to be about her appearance [see CBS News comments about Clinton’s general appearance]. She seems to be looking for a new sense of freedom in her dress. Can the make-up! The hell with fashionable dresses and carefully tailored women’s suits! Clinton is more interested in results. I liked what Charlie Rose had to say about the subject.

“You should be allowed to grow older as you do. And she’s comfortable in her own skin now. Especially now. And that’s one of her more admirable qualities, of which there are many – intelligence, a worth ethic, a whole range of other things, including feeling natural about herself.”

Okay! I’ll go with Charlie Rose and stop worrying about the way Hillary looks. For that matter, I must admit, her look is totally genuine and one ought to step back and evaluate her on what she says and does and not on how she looks.

Good going, Secretary Clinton. I’m damned proud of you and I’m having second thoughts about not supporting you for the presidency four years ago.

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  1. I admire Hillary. Sadly it took me a long time to see her brilliance. She is doing a great job representing our country.