Thursday, May 24, 2012

GOP Blinded by its Goals

Even though JP Morgan Chase boss, Jamie Dimon, had publically admitted to stupidity and sloppiness, the Republicans want to loosen banking regulations. I just CAN’T BELIEVE how stubborn this party is.
by Charlie Leck

While I’m away, be sure to read Dana Milbank’s opinion column in the Washington Post that points out that Republican U.S. Senators are putting the heat on banking regulators and not on bankers – even after JP Morgan Chase’s colossal and very stupid three billion dollar investment loss earlier this month. This is a political party out-of-control. They are determined to blame everything that goes wrong on government involvement and on the Obama administration. Their one goal has been clear: “Make Obama a one-term President!” The facts don’t matter – just the goal! Milbank’s column leaves me shaking my head.

If you haven’t read my blog of last week, Remember when Banking was Boring, you might what to take a look at it.

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