Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Helen and Margaret

Some blogs are just damned worth-while reading! Regularly!
by Charlie Leck

One of my really good friends introduced me to the blog of Margaret and Helen (best friends for 60 years and counting). I don’t think it polite to tell a lady’s age, but figure it this way: Helen Philpot and Margaret Schmectman met in college just about 60 years ago. Add 20 years to that and you’re getting close but not quite there.

Now if all of this is true – you know, it could be a scam – it's just about the cleverest way for a couple of old gals to fiddle their time away. Helen lives in Texas. Margaret lives in Maine. They keep in touch with their blogging and keep their minds popping. On top of it all they are savagers. Think my blogs are rants and raves? They're mild compared to these two girls.

Go ahead, go meet the old peaceniks and fall in love with them as I did. If I find out their smack is all fictional and they’re really a couple of young marketers selling t-shirts and trinkets in the girls' on-line store (boy, I don’t have an on-line store yet), I’ll be thoroughly heart-broken. It wouldn't be anything new, however, because dames have fooled me lots in my life and taken significant advantage of me.

Their most recent blog, ELISABETH IS A MORON AND THEN I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY, is a wonderful example of what they do. In this blog they slam Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one of the co-host of the TV show, The View. They start off their rant with these pull-no-punches words…

“So Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not my favorite person. I would call her a bitch but that word is too good for her. She is such a moron. Pretty much everybody with more than a pre-school education realizes that the war in Iraq was a mistake. I mean if you ask Hasselbeck’s daughter what she thinks of the war in Iraq she probably would say something along the lines of a mistake by the Bush administration of monumental proportions which my generation will be paying for years from now. But she is only three so “monumental proportions” might be a mouthful. Now ask her mother that same question and you get some rant about how the terrorists are going to get us if we don’t get them first. I guess you’ve got to keep those pro-war fans happy so The View keeps its ratings up even if a few soldiers are dying needlessly.”
Now, it's like these lovely girls are whispering sweet nothings in my ear and getting me all lathered up. I’ve added them to my list of wonderful people I’ve just got to meet. Now just don’t turn out to be a couple of nasty girls from Smith College playing a prank on all of us.

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