Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Palin and the State Trooper She Hates

Palin in a skuzzy type person and would be an embarrassment in the office of the Vice President!
by Charlie Leck

Here’s the facts, Jack! Read ‘em and weep! Sarah Palin (aka Mrs. Joe Sixpack) would be an embarrassment as VP. She was an embarrassment as Governor of Alaska. Even putting aside the results of the recent investigation ordered by the Alaska State Legislature, which found Palin abused her powers as Governor, the woman would still be an embarrassment. Brigitte Bardot, the famous actress of seduction, recently criticized Palin for constantly “making statements that are disconcertingly stupid.”

Palin has some interesting traits. These are my observation – and only my observations – of personality characteristics. I’ve got my rights to make such observations!

She’s tough – stupid tough! She couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to control her temper.

She’s not conciliatory at all! It’s her way or the highway. She’s very much a partisan and she’s going to stick to her views even when she discovers they’re wrong.

As per the above, she’s incredibly stubborn.

Humility is something she knows nothing about.

She’s not exactly stupid, but she doesn’t know when she doesn’t know! It’s dangerous, someone has told us, to have a little bit of knowledge. She has only a little bit of knowledge.

On top of it all, and circling back around to the first personality trait listed here, she’s nasty – really low-down, harsh and rotten nasty.

Frankly, Sarah Palin was John McCain’s biggest mistake. No one sensed it at the time, but all the campaign experts are seeing it now. McCain was desperate to move right. He felt he wasn’t going to pick up the support of the freaks way out there in Waa-Waa Land. Well, by picking up Palin, he got their support. The problem is, he lost far more of the support that came from the center. And, he lost a huge percentage of the undecided vote. It didn’t happen immediately. It took some time for the American public to see through this woman and realize she would be an utter joke in such a high and distinguished office.

So much for Rush Limbaugh as a presidential campaign advisor!

The Democrats don’t even need to go after Palin. Just as long as the TV cameras continue to show her, that’s enough. Her “deer-in-headlights” look as she answers questions is enough. Watching her slowly sink into a thick pool of quick-sand says everything that has to be said and the Democrats don’t have to touch it.

HEADLINE: NY TIMES (10 October 2008):
“Palins Repeatedly Pressed Case Against Trooper”
This NY Times story is thorough and cites many sources and reports on interviews with a wide range of people. It’s accurate! Take it to the bank! Nevertheless the folks in Waa-Waa Land will begin screaming about the “liberal” NY Times. Here’s something you and I both know: We wouldn’t want the NY Times after us if we had done something wrong! On this particular issue, Palin is toast.[Read the story by Serge Kovaleski]

Slinging Mud
Yesterday I told you that McCain’s organization is pressing the Senator to start slinging mud at Obama. They feel, with the numbers getting worse and worse for their candidate, they have little choice. The people in Waa-Waa Land actually believe the crap about William Ayres. That issue, like Sarah Palin herself, is indescribably silly and flimsy. There is, again like Sarah Palin, nothing to it. We can only hope that moderate, sensible people will see that and McCain’s numbers will drop even more.

Barack Hussein Obama
To appease the people in Waa-Waa Land, we will hear Obama’s middle name constantly uttered in the next four weeks. This will fill that strange land’s inhabitants with excitement and wrath! They will foam at the mouth. Will it affect moderates and sensible people? We can only hope not and, with great optimism, we certainly believe not.

The Chicago Connection
We’ll also hear a great deal about Chicago and it’s political corruption. Don’t feel sorry for Chicago. It is one of the world’s great cities and it will stand very well on its own against attacks from Waa-Waa Land.

Why does Waa-Waa Land dominate McCain campaign procedures?
There’s a potential answer in a column in yesterday’s NY Times…
Conservative Columnist, David Brooks

I don’t like the opinions of David Brooks, but I keep reading him anyway, in an attempt to better understand conservative thinking. In this column, “The Class War Before Palin,” Brooks is on to something – and not on something!

“Driven by a need to engage elite opinion, conservatives tried to build an intellectual counterestablishment with think tanks and magazines. They disdained the ideas of the liberal professoriate, but they did not disdain the idea of a cultivated mind.“…But over the past few decades, the Republican Party has driven away people who live in cities, in highly educated regions and on the coasts.

This expulsion has had many causes. But the big one is this: Republican political tacticians decided to mobilize their coalition with a form of social class warfare. Democrats kept nominating coastal pointy-heads like Michael Dukakis so Republicans attacked coastal pointy-heads.“Over the past 15 years, the same argument has been heard from a thousand politicians and a hundred television and talk-radio jocks. The nation is divided between the wholesome Joe Sixpacks in the heartland and the oversophisticated, overeducated, oversecularized denizens of the coasts.

“The Republicans have alienated whole professions. Lawyers now donate to the Democratic Party over the Republican Party at 4-to-1 rates. With doctors, it’s 2-to-1. With tech executives, it’s 5-to-1. With investment bankers, it’s 2-to-1. It took talent for Republicans to lose the banking community.

“Conservatives are as rare in elite universities and the mainstream media as they were 30 years ago. The smartest young Americans are now educated in an overwhelmingly liberal environment.

“This year could have changed things. The G.O.P. had three urbane presidential candidates. But the class-warfare clichés took control. Rudy Giuliani disdained cosmopolitans at the Republican convention. Mitt Romney gave a speech attacking “eastern elites.” (Mitt Romney!) John McCain picked Sarah Palin.

“Palin is smart, politically skilled, courageous and likable. Her convention and debate performances were impressive. But no American politician plays the class-warfare card as constantly as Palin. Nobody so relentlessly divides the world between the “normal Joe Sixpack American” and the coastal elite.

“She is another step in the Republican change of personality. Once conservatives admired Churchill and Lincoln above all — men from wildly different backgrounds who prepared for leadership through constant reading, historical understanding and sophisticated thinking. Now those attributes bow down before the common touch.

"And so, politically, the G.O.P. is squeezed at both ends. The party is losing the
working class by sins of omission — because it has not developed policies to address economic anxiety. It has lost the educated class by sins of commission — by telling members of that class to go away.”
I know I quoted too much of that column and I’m probably in copyright infringement trouble, but this conservative has nailed it and you should read his words. The conservatives are giving too much of a great party away to the Sarah Palins and Joe Sixpacks of the world. No problem with them being a part of the party, but when they are the party that’s a problem.

Here’s one thing I guaranty you – not that Sarah Palin won’t read the Brooks column, though that she won’t is highly likely also – and that is that Sarah Palin won’t understand this column if she does read it. Take it to the bank!

A great, strong conservative party is important to America. Perhaps, if Obama wins in a resounding way, the rebuilding will start and Rove, Chaney, Palin and Joe Sixpack will be asked to step aside for some real leadership.

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