Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The McCain Pennsylvania Strategy

For a political junkie this is all amazing stuff to watch!
by Charlie Leck

And some recommended reading:
The Hate Monger of Minnesota by Max Blumenthal in the Daily Beast

Jacksonville Journal story on blacks’ fear their votes won’t count in Florida

NY Times on how far right the appeals courts has been bushed under Bush

and Margaret and Helen’s blog from yesterday:
“What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch?”

I am not the only one who has questioned McCain’s expenditure of time and money in Pennsylvania in the last two weeks. To all of us it seemed wiser for him to get out of the Quaker State, where he seems to have lost, and get to work in Ohio and Florida where the separation is very, very close.

The McCain strategy seems to be: Let Ohio and Florida take care of themselves; or, at least, let’s leave them in the hands of our local organizations. We could possibly win there without a lot of time expenditure. If that happens and we can take Pennsylvania, we’ll shock the nation.

So, what’s happening? Clearly McCain has gained two or three points in Penn. He has a week to go. If he could pick up 3 more points he may move this state into the “margin of error” category and anything could happen.

But, while he does this, what’s happening in Ohio and Florida, where McCain must absolutely win?

FOX News/Rasmussen Obama 4 points up
LA Times/Bloomberg Obama 9 points up
Rueters/Zogby Obama 5 points up

In one week’s time, FOX News/Rasmussen shows a 5 point swing toward Obama that puts Obama up by 5 points right now. For McCain that is an “ouchy” and makes the Pennsylvania strategy (that I am guessing at) seem foolish.
LA Times/Bloomberg Obama by 7 points
Reuters/Zogby Tie

I continue to believe that McCain’s in-house polling numbers are showing them something hopeful. It could be the only reason for them to keep up this apparently insane effort in Pennsylvania.

This is one I really want to watch on Election Day.

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