Sunday, October 19, 2008

Right About Now, We Need a Good Laugh!

Obama rocks the house!
by Charlie Leck

A few nights ago, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama attended the white-tie Al Smith dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Both had an opportunity to talk to the assembled dignitaries. It’s traditionally a light-hearted affair and the crowd expects to have a good time and a few good laughs.

Barack Obama gave them some laughs. Indeed, he sparkled in the role and rocked the house. He’s not a born comedian by any means, but he dryly belted out one-liners one after another.

I found myself chortling, giggling and out-right belly-laughing as I watched the MSNBC video on YouTube. You should be sure to watch it.

Of the housing crisis, Senator Obama pointed out that John McCain is feeling it 7 or 8 times more than most of us.

He also informed us that it was mere rumor that he was born in a manger. He actually came here from Krypton – sent by his father to save the earth!

Of his middle name, he said it was obviously given to him by someone who never dreamed he’d ever be running for the presidency.

He admitted John McCain was correct in his accusation that he was palling around with some blatant low-lifes, but then pointed out that he had noticed McCain present in some of those meetings of the U.S. Senate, too.

The laughing was raucous and warm at the same time. The comedic timing might not have been perfect, but the tone was ideal.

Don’t miss watching this wonderful 10 or 15 minutes of delightful video. [Go here]

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