Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Woman is Strange!

It isn’t just this slip of the tongue, because the woman has been dazzling us with her weirdness for years!
by Charlie Leck

I’ve been following the strange career of Michele Bachman for years – ever since she began her legislative job in the Minnesota Senate in 2001. I haven’t a degree in psychology, but I sized her up pretty quickly. She’s not only on the stupid side, but she’s a real horse’s ass – and she’s crazier than a hoot-owl (which may be an insult to hoot-owls).

I’ve only one thing to say to the majority of voters in the 6th Congressional District in Minnesota: “You must have lost your minds, too!”

We don’t need or want people like she making legislative decisions in Washington. Her mind is warped by frothy, non-substantive religious gobbley-gook and she has a warped view of history and a limited understanding of the constitution and of the history of the United States. She is not qualified to be a representative in Congress.

Can her! Send her back to work with her husband in their family business – operating mental health clinics. Can you believe it? I mean, can you REALLY believe it? If that isn’t the case of a nut running the asylum!

She hails George W. Bush as one of our heroes! Enough said. Cases closed!

Her Congressional District is a large one. It runs all the way from Woodbury and Washington County, out on Minnesota’s border with Wisconsin, and then across the northern suburbs of the Metropolitan Region and up to St. Cloud, northwest of the cities. I’m aware that there are some pretty conservative communities included in that district, but, my goodness, do you have to send a whacko as well as a conservative to make fools of us all in Washington, D.C.? If you want to send a conservative, that’s fine, but send one out there who’s got more than half a brain.

This gaffe the other day on MSNBC isn’t unusual. She’s been saying jerky things ever since she arrived in the political limelight.

The woman is screwed too tight
And her attic is without a light

The woman is not very bright
And her brain just ain’t all right

The woman is in a drawn out fight
With goblins roaming in the night
Enough of her, already! Kick her out! Kick her out with all the other good-for-nothings who are destroying the country. Enough of her hate! Enough of her craziness!

Up with reason! Up with common sense! Up with moderation!

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