Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Nippiness of Autumn Arrives

I would have you read something poignant and stirring!
by Charlie Leck

The phase of autumn that tips the meteorologic scales from summer to winter has arrived in Minnesota. When I walked the dog this morning, I realized I should have pulled on a pair of gloves and that my woolen sweater was not enough to keep me warm. The tip of my nose and the rims of my ears felt as if they’d been nipped. They (you know who they are) say we are to have frost on Tuesday night – Wednesday morning.

How I love it!

It’s why we live here – to feel the coming of the great northern chill and to know that roaring, crackling fires are right behind. I fell so madly in love with Minnesota many years ago and I can’t get it out of my system. These dramatic changes of season are part of the attractiveness of this state and I never tire of watching and feeling the changes.

So, mix yourself a hot toddy and go to PRAIRIE PONDERINGS and read one of the most thought provoking blogs you’ll encounter this fall: The Importance of Being Earnest! Then, send it on to your friends – especially to those friends who confound you by their commitment to John McCain.

By the way, the dog loved the chilly morning. He was somehow extraordinarily excited by the sharpness of the brisk, crisp air.

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