Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bachmann v. Graves

Bachmann vs. Graves in Minnesota’s 6th District is a race worth watching!
by Charlie Leck

My regular readers will not be surprised that I am keeping a close eye on the race in the sixth congressional district here in Minnesota (the seat in the House of Representatives now held by the illustrious and/or infamous Michele Bachmann). It’s a long-long-shot that a Democrat could unseat Bachmann in this very conservative district, but Bachmann did not do herself any favors this summer when she acted very much like Senator Joe McCarthy (of the mid-fifties) and began seeing boogey men everywhere on the hill and accused another Minnesota congressional representative (Keith Ellison) of being a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood. It would have been laughable had it not be so awful!

Bachmann is crazier than a hoot-owl, but she’s got a district that is custom tailored for her insanities. Jim Graves, a solid, reputable and successful businessman, with roots in St. Cloud, is challenging Bachmann. His campaign has announced that an internal poll shows that he has closed the biggest part of the gap that Bachmann has historically had in that district and numbers are now within the margin of error. Naturally, Bachmann’s campaign has pooh-poohed this. Graves’ poll was done by a very reputable firm, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, of Washington, D.C.. This is not a firm that is willing to put its reputation on the line just to deliver a client some phony numbers.

Now, it’s got to be remembered that Bachman is just now starting to crank up her campaign and she’s begun to hit Carver County and Wright County hard. This is gold territory for Bachmann and will deliver her overwhelming support. She spent a full day last week down in Waconia, a relatively busy community, just south of our farm.

Graves claims that his campaign is making solid in-roads into the district’s independent voters and they have swung over to his side this year. Though Bachmann has more than two million bucks in her campaign coffers, it has to be remembered that Graves is no piker and may be willing to spend his own money quite freely if it really looks like he has a chance to win. His treasury now has only a bit over three-hundred thousand in the bank.

It also has to be noted that the last two Bachmann campaigns had the advantage of running against a split ticket because of the presence of independent candidates. That’s not the case this year. Bachmann has to do it Mano-a-Mano. We’ll see if this might make the difference.

I’m not shilling for Graves, but he could use some contributions from those who would like to see him win this race. I’ve sent some money and I’ll send more today. Please, won’t you join in and send what you can to Jim Graves for Congress.

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