Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Problems for Obama in Second Term (if he has one)

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Looking at the polls for the coming congressional elections doesn’t reveal a very bright picture for Democrats…
by Charlie Leck

So, what if we reelect Obama as our President? It won’t matter much unless we also put a few more Democrats in the U.S. Senate and also take the House back from the GOP. Is it possible?

Well,…… yes, it is possible; however, it will also be very, very difficult.

Elizabeth Warren
could get elected to the U.S. Senate up in Massachusetts. The polls currently show that U.S. Senator Scott Brown, Republican, holds a very slight lead in the polls (well within the margin of polling error). So, it is probably safe to call this a dead-even race at the moment. I’ll watch this race over the coming weeks.

Tammy Baldwin
is running for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin against former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. She’s been consistently behind in the polls and by as much as 5 to 9 points. Baldwin’s biggest problem is one of name identification, a problem that can usually be fixed by spending lots and lots of money; however, so far Baldwin has been unable to attract the really big donors (who always like to bet on a real favorite to win). This looks like a tough one, but the race is just going to heat up now and Baldwin may find a way to pull a rabbit out of a hat. I’ll watch it. Got some extra money? Send it on to Baldwin (

The House Race
In the House, the Democrats would need to win every single seat that is leaning toward them and nearly every seat that is currently a toss-up to take over control. It just won’t happen, though there is a good chance Minnesota will have an increase of two Democratic seats after the coming election.

Even if Obama is reelected, he is going to be working with a divided Congress and, to-date, that hasn’t been very much fun and the nation hasn’t made much progress.

If you want to read in more depth about the struggles Obama would have in a second term, this TPM blog by Brian Buetler will give you a real clear picture of those problems.

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