Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some Movement in Toss-up States

The poles showed some movement that might be attributed to Romney’s 47 percent comments!
by Charlie Leck

Virginia moves toward Obama!
Newest polls out of Virginia show some movement toward Obama. In this state that I was pretty sure Obama would lose, voters today seem more inclined to vote for the President. Did it have anything to do with Romney’s 47 percent remarks?

Wisconsin also shows some softening!
A CBS/NYTimes polls shows Obama with a 6 point lead. That’s a big jump for a state that has been neck and neck up until now. However, it’s only one poll; the others have not been updated recently.

Colorado tightens!
The most recent polls show a neck and neck race between the two men who would be President. I’m thinking Colorado will be like this right through election night and may be one of the last states to be awarded.

Ohio, Florida and New Hampshire
There’s nothing new to report on these three states. No recent polling numbers have been published. Florida is a dead-even race. Obama has slim leads in Ohio and New Hampshire.

All this excitement and the debates are still coming (first one is October 3rd).

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