Monday, September 17, 2012

Helen Philpot is the Cat's Meow

If I was 10 years older I’d try to steal that Helen Philpot away from her husband.
by Charlie Leck

Oh, how I love Helen Philpot (the blogger, you know, of Margaret and Helen fame)! This woman can really kick ass!

She told a reporter this week how she felt about the Republican Convention. Oh, my! Her words are priceless.

“I think the Republicans had it hard. After four years of obstructing government, they had to do something really difficult. They had to put together a convention in Tampa while God flooded Louisiana. They had to convince a bunch of white Christians that camels are skinnier and needles have bigger eyes these days. And then they had to breathe life into a $3,000 business suit.”

Oh, Helen, I love you so!

She concluded her most recently blog this way…

“The Republicans wasted three days of my life last week and they wasted the last four years trying to negate our votes in 2008 by doing everything they could to try and make Obama fail. He didn’t and I am voting for hope and change again. In 2008 more than 69 million Americans voted for Obama which means he received the most votes for a presidential candidate in American history. And some of them were old, white people like me. Maybe this time, the Republicans in Congress will know we mean it. Really.”

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