Sunday, September 16, 2012

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You!

Congratulations! You’ve almost made it! Another seven weeks and you’ve gotten through it! I just want to stop hearing Mitt Romney’s and Michele Bachmann’s voices in my sleep!
by Charlie Leck

On the first day of this year – on New Year’s Day – I posted a blog that I titled “2012 will be a Year of Hyperbole!”

Oh, my! It wasn’t so difficult, you know. I knew there was a year of politics – an election year – coming up. On that first day of the year I quoted Mitt Romney and then Rick Santorum.

“This could be our last chance to save America from a Greece-like bankruptcy. The nation is only inches away from no longer being a free economy.” [Mitt Romney]

“…this election is about whether America and its very essence will continue.”
                                                                                                               [Rick Santorum]

“You get the idea,” I wrote. “This is going to be some 10 months ahead! Fasten your seat belts! Have a throw-up bag at hand! Gird your loins! And, get ready for an all-out cat fight!”

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