Saturday, September 29, 2012

Great Questions for the Debates

I was giving serious thought to questions that would make the coming presidential debates more meaningful – you know, new ideas beyond the normal, stupid questions that are always asked!
by Charlie Leck

Matt Miller, a Washington Post columnist, has suggested a question for the upcoming presidential debates: “Why not scrap the filibuster?”

“Finally — and forgive me for raising my voice here — if we don’t scrap the filibuster, we simply can’t govern this country and meet the challenges of the 21st century.”
                        Matt Miller (Washington Post) on the filibuster!

Miller’s correct, of course, but there’s no chance the rule will be stricken unless one party or the other gains control of 60 seats in Senate. Then there’s a chance but not necessarily a certain one.

Give me your ideas for questions!
I’ll pass along any ideas for questions with which you come up. There’s actually a chance we could get them to Jim Lehrer. Email them to me or leave them in a comment! I’ll keep a list of those suggested questions below and get them to Lehrer on Monday.

“What’s the breaking point in Iran’s nuclear build-up before we allow a military strike against that nation?” (Colorado reader)

“Is America in danger of becoming a plutocracy?” (Minnesota reader)

“How can we get the cost of political campaigns under control?” (New Jersey reader)

"Should we have term limits for the House and Senate?”(Ohio reader)

“Are we any longer a country of unity and togetherness and cooperation? If not, can we be again!” (Florida reader)

“Why should tax-payers be forced to bail out badly governed states?” (Wisconsin reader) 

“How is it possible to amass a fortune (tens of millions of dollars) in one’s IRA account given the small amounts that the law permits to be contributed to such a plan?” (Minnesota reader)

“Should it be law that any announced candidate for President of the United States, or the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives, be required to make available two months before the election a given number of his U.S. income tax returns for a complete examination by the I.R.S. and that a public report of that examination be made available one month before the election?” (South Dakota reader)

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  1. Should we have term limits for the House and Senate?