Friday, September 28, 2012

Clean Windows and Mitt Romney

All the windows in the house were washed and polished yesterday and this morning I see the coming election so much more clearly!
by Charlie Leck

A company was by yesterday to wash all the windows – all 111 of them – inside and out! And now – this morning – they sparkle and everything is clearer to me as I look out through them.

I can see that Mitt Romney is a better man than his campaign is making him out to be. Someone made a bad mistake when they decided that Romney had to kowtow to the Tea Party and the ultra conservatives in the Republic Party. It’s not playing well because Romney is not being himself. Mitt Romney is not a greedy and selfish man. And, he’s a man of strong faith and has a remarkable sense of ethics. Under no circumstance does he believe that 47 percent of the people in the nation are lazy freeloaders. No way!

Yet, we’ve all seen him on the campaign trail and we’ve heard the things he’s said. He’s been terribly unconvincing. Almost like an empty gun, trying to look terrifying. In fact, he’s a softy who is generous and caring.

Yet, he bought into a movement that demanded something else and will not support him if he relents and tries to return to what he really is.

Now, I don’t know if any other politicos in America have described Mitt Romney the way I am this morning. I haven’t read any such ideas. As far as I know, no one else has described him thusly.

It’s just that I sat down this morning, up here in my tree-house office, and I looked out through the newly cleaned, polished and sparkling windows, and there it was as clear as can be. And, I realized the truth of the whole thing.

Mitt Romney was nailed and screwed by those big-timers who now own the Republican National Party – ugly folk who are consumed by hate and filled with loathing for most Americans. These people now in control of the GOP  these tea partiers and Libertarians  don’t understand America and its people. They think government is bad rather than a servant of the people.  And then there are the billionaires who want to buy-out government and own nearly all the shares in it so they can run it like one of their corporations and then sell out when they’ve wrung everything from it that is good, hopeful and promising

And now, Mitt Romney, who is a good and principled man, can’t be our President because we’ve seen him sell himself to these dazzlingly frightening types who want to own the government. Mitt Romney just got caught up in it all and he’d given away too much of himself by the time he realized what he was doing.

And there you have it! Now, seeing more clearly, I can understand why this Mitt Romney – this current, sold-out one – is so different than the kind, respectful and reasonable guy we saw as Governor of Massachusetts.

It is a glorious morning! The sun is shining brightly and the air has an autumn chill about it. The treetops are ablaze with glorious colors – golds, reds, yellows, oranges and browns. Everything fairly sparkles. It is an amazing, fresh day in Minnesota – way out here on the western edge of the metropolitan region.

Fareed Zakaria wrote in Wednesday’s Washington Post (Romney’s tongue-tied eloquence):

“As President Obama has surged in the polls, Republicans have been quick to identify the problem: Mitt Romney. Peggy Noonan eloquently voiced what many conservatives believe when she said that Romney’s campaign has been a “rolling calamity.” Others have been equally critical of his candidacy. And yet, shouldn’t it puzzle us that Romney is so 'incompetent' (also from Noonan), given his deserved reputation for, well, competence? He founded one of this country’s most successful financial firms, turned around the flailing Salt Lake City Olympics and was a successful governor. How did he get so clumsy so fast?
“In fact, the problem is not Romney but the new Republican Party. Given the direction in which it has moved and the pressures from its most extreme — yet most powerful — elements, any nominee would face the same challenge: Can you be a serious candidate for the general election while not outraging the Republican base?”

And, Zakaria concludes his column this way…

“The Republican Party has imposed a new kind of political correctness on its leaders. They cannot speak certain words (taxes) or speculate about certain ideas (immigration amnesty) because these are forbidden. Romney has tried to run a campaign while not running afoul of his party’s strictures. As a result, he has twisted himself into a pretzel, speaking vacuously, avoiding specifics and refusing to provide any serious plans for the most important issues of the day….”

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