Friday, September 21, 2012

How Obama could lose!

Here's how to depress the most optimistic of Obama supporters!
by Charlie Leck

Robert Reich, whose blog I rarely miss, outlined four (4) reasons Mitt Romney might yet win this presidential campaign It’s worth reading his thoughts.

Reich goes over a couple of little things like coming jobs reports that are likely to be bad, rising gas prices, sinking economy at home and bad economic reports out of Europe, Japan and China.

Oh, yes! He also points out that there are three debates ahead and that “Obama… can come off slow and ponderous.”

And, on top of all that, Romney’s forces still have “a gigantic amount of money” to spend on advertising. “It’s an easy bet they’ll far outspend Obama and his allies.”

Also, on top of that which is on top of all that, Romney has a campaign organization that is set to see to it that those states with strong voter identification laws apply them rigorously in disenfranchising the appropriate voters.

Thanks, Robert, just when I was starting to feel pretty good about this election! Now I’m puking in fear again. What’s a guy to do?

If you want, read the Robert Reich blog (Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win).

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