Sunday, September 30, 2012

Todd Akin makes Michele Bachmann look like a Hippy!

Well, hardly, Ms. McCaskill, hardly!
by Charlie Leck

This will be brief; however, I must react to something the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate (Senator Claire McCaskill) said on television during her campaign in Missouri.

“Todd Akin makes Michele Bachmann look like a hippy!”

Oh, please, Ms. McCaskill, please! You must not follow Ms. Bachmann’s comments very carefully. This was the lady (it’s a stretch using this term) who suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood had infested the Congress of the United States after she suggested that a good many members of Congress were “anti-America!” Of course, all of this was said without presenting even a shred of evidence.

Shall I return here to the utter stupidity that Ms. Bachmann displays publically on a rather constant basis up here in the great North Central part of America? I have not the time, Madam, and my readers would revolt if I did such a thing. They are all quite fed-up with Ms. Bachmann also.

I do not want anyone insulting some of the great and revered hippies of American history by drawing any kind of line of definition between them and Congresswoman Bachmann.

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