Monday, October 1, 2012

Silence about Obamacare in the 2012 Campaign

A year ago we heard nothing but rage and criticism out of Republicans about the Affordable Care Act. Now silence reigns!
by Charlie Leck

Today, opinion on the Affordable Care Act (dubbed Obamacare by conservative Republicans) has shifted a great deal from where it was at the time the law was passed. 46 percent of Americans disapprove of the law; however, more than a quarter of those say they want the plan to do more. The same poll shows that 42 percent of Americans outright approve of the health plan. So, one can assume that more than 54 percent of Americans want Obama’s plan or want it expanded.

One also has to assume that the Supreme Court’s decision about the constitutionality of the plan also had a major impact on this opinion shift.

And, it is also possible that Mitt Romney doesn’t want to force comparisons of the Affordable Care Act to the very similar legislation he signed into law while he was the Governor of Massachusetts.

In a nut shell, this is why you are not hearing very much out of Republicans in this campaign about “repealing Obamacare!” Our own Michele Bachmann may be the only candidate for office these days who is still singing the “repeal it” song. And even she is doing it quite infrequently and more softly.

Health care in American is extraordinarily expensive and results are not praised by the World Health Organization. We’re ranked down around 24th in the world in the quality of health care delivered. Part of that ranking has to do with the inefficiency of our system’s delivery of care to the lowest income groups in our population. The Affordable Care Act is designed to improve that without brunting the quality of care delivered to others.


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