Friday, October 26, 2012

The Romney Supreme Court

Should Romney take the Presidency, my greatest fear is that the Supreme Court would change drastically and so too many of the protections we’ve been guaranteed for years!
by Charlie Leck

I could post a long blog here about what the Supreme Court would look like if Romney wins the election on November 6, but the piece done by Sahil Kapur on TPM is so good, I’ll just send you there to read his ominous warnings about how America could change.

“Replacing even one of the liberal justices with a conservative, legal scholars and advocates across the ideological spectrum agree, would position conservatives to scale back the social safety net and abortion rights in the near term. Over time, if a robust five-vote conservative bloc prevails on the court for years, the right would have the potential opportunity to reverse nearly a century of progressive jurisprudence.
For all those reasons, conservative legal activists anticipate that a Romney win would be the culmination of their decades-long project to remake the country’s legal architecture.

Go on over to TPM and read this commentary. It’s frightful if you are a progressive and hopeful if you are very conservative.

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