Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tres Cheers for Obama

     General Romney

I’ve listened to debate numero tres at least tres times now and I’m here to tell you it was a smashing victory for President Obama.
by Charlie Leck

I’m breathing a little easier and I’m anxious to see if Obama’s fantastic job last night will be reflected in the polls that start coming in over the weekend.

Bayonets and Horses!
Oh, my! Did you hear that one? Did you happen to see Romney’s expression right after Obama said it? He was p’d off! He knew he’d been slapped happy.

“No, Newt,” I say, “we don’t used that kind of bullshit in the military anymore – no more sailing galleons or armored men on horses… no more long bowman… not even flintlocks… no more catapults!”

Look here! This wasn’t just a statement about Mitt misspeaking one time. This was about the persistent attitude of Mitt Romney, talking about things he doesn’t understand and rallying back to the days of Ronald Reagan. Reagan might have been able to call Gorbechev out and tell him to “take down that wall,” but one is not going to do those things to the leader of Iran or the bullies in Libya without serious responses.

No, we don’t need any hotshots closely aligned with the military-industrial complex to take over the leadership of this country. We need someone more reasoned and cautious. We need a President who does not want to drag us into another senseless tres trillion dollar war.

These are Republican Wars!
Anyone out there want to know why our nation is in such staggering debt? It ain’t difficult to figure out. It’s spelled Iraq and Afghanistan! These are Republican wars that reaped fortunes in profits for certain members of the government who were closely connected to the famous military-industrial complex.

Now Mitt wants to go rushing into yet another in Iran and, perhaps, another in Syria and, perhaps, another in Libya.

Mitt is angry that our President allowed France to send its jets and air fighters into Libya ahead of us. Our President made an unusual proclamation at the beginning of that conflict: “No boots on the ground!” He stuck to it! He worked hard to convince France to take this job from us in this particular conflict.

It’s a dangerous, dangerous world out there!
There is trouble and volatility in so many parts of the world right now – mainly in the Middle East. Under another militaristic president, we could find ourselves involved in military invasions in tres additional foreign nations. You want that?

I want a cooler head. I want someone who will look for alternatives to war – a leader who is brave, strong and ready if the need arises, but who would prefer to figure out ways other than war to resolve problems between nations.

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