Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Michele Bachmann as Anacoluthon

I’ve left Michele Bachmann alone for quite long enough! I'm lying awake nights wondering if there is any chance she might lose this election. How wonderful that would be for Minnesota! It would restore some of our dignity!
by Charlie Leck

Oh, how I enjoy the odd anacoluthon! (It’s my word of the day from, you know!)

anacoluthon – an-uh-kuh-LOO – thon (noun)
1. An interruption of a grammatical statement’s direction, as “I am so happy – oh, I’m not really all that happy at all!”

While watching Michele Bachmann on the telly last night I realized – oh, what’s the use of getting myself all riled up again about her? Even those who support her know in their heart of hearts and their mind of minds that Bachmann is a dizzy dipwit (I just invented that delightfully delicious word).

Dipwit!... Dipwit!... Dipwit!

I just happily and proudly tweated my word invention! The following reply came back almost instantly…

Diptwit would be better!

I suppose!

Anyway, the Dipwit is being challenged quite seriously in this year’s election up there in Minnesota Congressional District 6. The Graves organization (Jim Graves, her Democratic opponent) is claiming they’ve moved up to only 2 points behind her. Of course, that polling was done by a firm hired by the Graves organization and it’s now nearly a month old. I’m not saying it isn’t accurate, but I’d feel better if some leading polling organization or the local newspaper (StarTribune) would have some information about voter opinion in the district.

Sadly, no one else is polling this race as far as I know. If an outside polling organization would confirm that this is a very tight race, Jim Graves would be inundated with political contributions that – oh, what’s the use of dreaming? Since childhood my mother has been telling me I’m just a hopeless dreamer. Even now the words come up from her grave and smack me in the face.

Michele Bachmann is one of the really terrible realities of my life. She’s a constant embarrassment when I travel because people always want to ask me about her – like, is she for real? Is she really that dumb? Does she really think that?

I know folks, it’s hard to believe! Yet, she really is all that crazy and dumb. Oh, my! You’d have to follow her activities, statements and appearances as I do to really appreciate it. I use to laugh about this dipwit. Now I break down and ball!

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