Thursday, October 4, 2012

The First Great Debate

In the first of the 2012 Great Debates, Romney has been declared the winner! Really? Here’s my take on it and on the next two debates!
by Charlie Leck

I’m not going to go on and on here about last night’s debate. I’ll get right to my take. If you were keeping score on zingers, as everyone is calling these sharp, biting criticisms, Romney probably won the debate. In boxing, these zingers are called jabs. Fighters throw jabs as they feel each other out, trying to annoy their opponent by landing dozens of these little flicks of a punch. What both fighters are really waiting for is a chance to throw a knock-out punch – a round-house punch that comes from way back with all the force that a fighter can muster – a punch, if landed, that will knock the opposing boxer out of the ring and out of the fight.

There were no round-house punches thrown last night. Obama was being too careful, bobbing and weaving and dancing around the ring, happy to take a jab here and there as he awaited the opportunity to throw a knock-out punch.

Mr. Obama was trying too hard to be presidential. He backed off of mean, nasty, testy and dirty, in order to appear to be what he is – the President of the United States of America.

In the old, classic championship heavyweight fights of yesteryears, there was always a rule of hand that said a challenger could only win the fight and the championship by completely beating the reigning champ. Little jabs – even if a challenger landed dozens more than the champ – would not do it. The champion could show patience and wait through all kinds of annoying little efforts by the challenger. If the opportunity came, the champ would go for a big punch and, perhaps, a knockout; but he was not going to gamble by opening himself up to a desperate challenger.

It is that of which I was reminded last night. The President is protecting a big lead. He’s not going to make a serious mistake.

And, I must say, President Obama sure did look like a President last night. He looked patient and wise. He didn’t look like he would do anything out of desperation and everything only after contemplation and consultation.

Who won? The Champion, of course, because he sustained no tough punches and only a few light, silly jabs.

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