Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NE by NW

Obama did well in last night’s debate. Now his campaign organization will descend on Ohio and try to figure out a way to eeeeeeek out a victory there.
by Charlie Leck

A Message to my friends in Ohio!

It looks as if the northeast United States, including all of New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland will be carried by President Obama. Virginia is still a question mark (very, very close).

The far northwest, Oregon and Washington, appear to be securely in the Obama camp and so does California.

In the Northwest and Northeast, Obama looks good. Of course, there will be a southern sweep, from East to West for Romney, including, it looks like, Florida. The lone holdout will probably be New Mexico. The Great West, as usual, will go Republican, with the possible exception of Colorado and Nevada. Iowa is very close and it will be when its voters go to the polls.

The Great Lakes states are going for Obama with the possible exception of Ohio, and that is what the election comes down to – Ohio!

The extraordinary Nate Silver, about whom I wrote yesterday, has Ohio pegged – at the moment – as likely to vote for Obama. Averaging out the dependable polling organizations, as I did this morning, shows Obama with a 1 point lead (which, in polling lingo, means they are tied because they are within that 2 point margin of error territory).

It will be some week or two in Ohio. You poor folks, including Tony Rugare of Cleveland– one of my favorite bloggers and a reader of this blog – better get ready for the TV blitz that is about to hit you. You may want to just go out and get a dozen or so DVD movies to watch over the next week’s time and just leave the idiot box shut down. Get the yards all ready for winter. Check out the snowblower. Change the furnace filter. Clean the gutters. And, if you have the time, you might as well clean the garage, too. Impress the little woman by taking her out to lunch and then to an afternoon of shopping (and spare no expense because the economy needs you).

Ohio, you have my sympathies!

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  1. Thank you for your concern. Fortunately the mute button on my remote is in good shape so I'm not concerned about the TV blitz. As you suggested there is more than enough tasks that need doing to keep me away from TV. The high primal has seen to that. Not to worry, Ohio will do the right thing.