Thursday, October 18, 2012

Roe v. Wade in Danger

Two weeks ago I didn’t think there was a chance that Mitt Romney would be elected to govern America. Now I’m frightened and wondering…
by Charlie Leck

I’m wondering what it might be like if we deregulated virtually everything again. What if we give the big banks their freedom again even though they nearly broke the nation’s back with their silly mortgage schemes?

I’m wondering what it might be like if we reduce business taxes on both big and small companies. Where would be make up that money that we’re already so short of?

I’m wondering about a President who might drag us into another serious war – perhaps this time in Iran – and how many trillions of dollars that will cost us!

I’m wondering what it will be like to have the Affordable Health Care Act repealed! Where will common people will get their medical care? One can fit only so many people into an emergency room.

I’m wondering what it will be like for women to be told you do not have the legal right to govern your own body. What will it be like to have a government that thinks there are degrees of rape – like forcible rape and legitimate rape!

I’m wondering what it will be like when the Supreme Court sets aside Roe v. Wade and makes abortion illegal again! Will girls and young women secretly slink off to Mexico again to see unqualified and untrained doctors?

I’m wondering what it will be like to be looked at suspiciously when one votes because one is known as a liberal or progressive bastard! How will it feel to provide a photograph-identification in order to get a ballot – even though the election official has been a neighbor for over 35 years and damned well knows who I am?

I’m wondering about my gay and lesbian friends and if they will be safe in Mitt Romney’s America. Is it illegal for a man to admit, somehow and for some reason, he feels more like a woman and can’t do anything about it? Will it be considered evil that two women love each other and want to be legally recognized as marriage partners?

I’m wondering about the homeless and about those with too little food. Will they be considered henceforth lazy bums who are unwilling to work toward the commercial glory of America?

I’m wondering about health care in America. Will we just settle for being way down on the list of nations who provide good health care? Will we just let the uninsured wander into emergency rooms wherever they can find one?

I’m wondering what it will be like to live in a nation where the vote of big business counts more than my own and where billion and trillion dollar corporations are so able to influence elections so that their lackeys are always elected to office. Is it possible that corporations really have all the same rights of citizenship that I have?

I’m wondering about our schools in America and about higher education! From where will funding come? Will we continue to regress and fall behind dozens of other nations that provide better higher education than America?

I’m wondering if citizens of this nation understand what a plutocracy is! Do they care?

I’m wondering if the middle class can survive. What will society be like when there are only haves and have-nots?


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  1. Not very pretty! I wonder if Obama gets another 4 years, whether he will rise to the occasion and realize his true potential. I hope so.