Friday, October 19, 2012

A Sea of Homeless Toddlers

Homelessness in Minnesota is at a terrible and worrisome high according to a recent story in MinnPost.
by Charlie Leck

“We’re pretty close to crisis mode right now,” MinnPost quotes Daniel Gumnit as saying. Gumnit is the Executive Director of People Serving People, a family homeless shelter. Right now that organization is housing more than 350 people per night. Many of them are children. Another homeless center, House of Charity, has a waiting list larger than the number of people they house.

I won’t go on quoting the statistics from the story. If you are from Minnesota, I urge you to eventually read the story for yourself. I’m also going to urge you to dig deep and support one or more of these homeless shelters because…. (oh, I won’t insult you… it’s obvious why we must support them… Jesus Christ, man! I mean it!)

“It’s sort of like a swell of waves through the seasons,” said Mikkel Beckmen, the Executive Director of St. Stephen’s Human Services, “but the swells keep getting bigger each passing quarter. They don’t go down as much as they have in the past." Mikkel speaks of, “A swell of homeless toddlers!” That stirs me!

I swear to God (I really do!), there should be no homelessness in Minnesota. And, there should be no homelessness in America. This is not like sending a man to Mars, you know. These are problems that the mind of man could easily solve.

Why do we keep pretending that government should not be spending money here? What the hell is government for? Government is to do for people what they cannot do for themselves. For Christ’s sake (I mean it), do you think these parents want to haul their children to these homeless shelters. They do not!

Well, it is apparent that government is going to do no more than it is already doing even though there is so much more that needs to be done.

You’ll need to pitch in and help. You’re smart enough. Figure it out! Just do something for God’s sake (I mean it!).

Some other organizations providing help to the homeless in Minneapolis are…

Salvation Army Harbor Light (houses single adults)
First Covenant Church in Minneapolis (sets up mattresses and passes out pillows)

Sharing and Caring Hands

Do what you can!

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