Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Religious Affiliation in America lessening!

Fewer and fewer Americans cite any religious organization with which they are affiliated. Is it a cause for concern?
by Charlie Leck

Here’s a news report in the Washington Post (published yesterday, 8 October 2012) to which you should give some attention and thought. The story’s headline: “One in five Americans reports no religious affiliation, study says.”

The gist of the report is that while 1 in 5 Americans no longer affiliate with traditional religious denominations or institutional churches, many within that group “are far from godless.” A large percentage of that group considers themselves agnostic and a small percentage would call themselves atheist. Many of them, however, continue to believe in a God, pray to God, and also seek out spiritual experiences.

The story about this data provided in a Pew Research study is worth reading. American church leaders will certainly take notice because a lot of their income support is threatened (Am I being a bit to secular or profane?).

I blogged not too long ago about this very phenomenon and what the Church might do about it (see Salvation and Reward Points).


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