Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ramsey County Board against Voter I.D. Amendment

The state’s second most populated county came out against the constitutional amendment on this year’s ballot that will require photo i.d. in order to vote.
by Charlie Leck

The Ramsey County Board, saying photo i.d. voting would likely cost the county 1.25 million dollars to implement the required changes, passed a resolution opposing the constitutional amendment. Essentially, the Board was urging voters to vote against it – to vote NO on the issue.

The Board also voiced displeasure about the changes the law would make in same-day registration. Nearly all observers agree that same-day has worked extremely well in Minnesota over the years and we shouldn’t tamper with it.

The County Board voted 6 to 1 in opposing the amendment.

I vehemently oppose altering the way we vote in Minnesota. We have consistently recorded the highest voter turn-outs in the nation. The law will clearly discriminate against low-incomed, the aged, and against college students who are away from home and don’t have photo i.d. that shows their college addresses. We have found voter fraud to be a problem in less than one-tenth of one-percent of all votes cast here in Minnesota – an amount that would not have effected any election in the state’s history.

Pre-vote opinions on the constitutional amendment have now drawn close to even. A few months ago over 75 percent of voters thought the issue should be passed. A hard, honest campaign against the change has turned around opinions in many parts of the state. Last week, former governor Arne Carlson came out hard against the issue and appeared in a public debate urging voters to say “no” on the issue. He provided assurance that fraud is not an issue in the state and that the implementation of the law would be both unfair and costly. Carlson is a former Republican governor. He certainly, however, cannot be identified with the current crop of rogue Republicans who have hijacked the party for their own radical purposes.

Photo i.d. doesn’t make sense.
It certainly has no place on the Constitution of the State of Minnesota. That idea is asinine. I urge all of my Minnesota readers to vote against the voter i.d. amendment proposal.

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