Friday, September 14, 2012

Mitt Romney, the Fool

Mitt runneth off at the mouth. It is quite sad because it is an important quality in a man to know when to shut up!
by Charlie Leck

Mitt Romney won’t let up or back off. In a detestable way, he continues to insert himself into the news and, more harmfully, into the diplomatic process that the State Department is working through with both Egypt and Libya. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is making great and important progress. All the while, a man without any inside information into what is going on in this process continues to speak critically of the President.

Today, I only wish to provide the following quote from an extraordinary opinion piece by Timothy Egan in this morning’s NY Times. I believe it says it all about Mitt Romney…

“…what to make of Mitt Romney, trying to score cheap political points before the bodies of the murdered American diplomats are even cold and hailing that odious film as an express of ‘American values’?
“What’s more, Romney’s craven attack was fundamentally dishonest, riddled with errors, and premised on notions that a kook would harbor. His response was no more accurate than the film.
“…Romney was left sputtering in the gutter with the dredges of his party. He was there with Sarah Palin, who used the tragedy to make cringe-worthy fun and crude jokes about the president. Like Romney, she got her facts wrong, a professional trademark in her case. And he was there with Rush Limbaugh, who lauded him as a statesman.
“…Don’t expect Romney to say he made a mistake; his last book, after all, is titled No Apology. But a man who can’t say he’s sorry abused one the biggest free speech opportunities in the world. His words were revealing, and in that sense he did voters a favor.”
[Published 13 September 2012]

Polls taken after the several Romney statements on this matter appear to show that it's done his cause serious harm. I'll update this blog with a report on those polls just as soon as I've examined them carefully -- I wouldn't want to shoot from the hip!


POLL UPDATE: Polls taken in the last 24 hrs show significant Obama gains when examined on a national basis, though I've consistently warned not to take national polls seriously. They mean very, very little because it is the electoral votes of the states that count. Nevertheless, it might mean something here that Obama favorable rating jumped up two points in the last 24 hours. It might have something to do with the crisis in Egypt and Libya.

OHIO: Obama appears to have taken a jump in Ohio according to a number of the most reputable pollers. Averaging the poll takers' numbers (even the Republican Rassmussen service) shows Obama with about a 4 point lead. This is big. If Obama can put this state in his win column it would be a very big deal.

COLORADO: Obama visited Colorado yesterday and has gotten a bump from it according to local pollers out there. None of the national polls have done an update on the state so we can't feel certain that the President really made some gains there.

IOWA, VIRGINIA and WISCONSIN: These three battleground states remain a toss-up, as poll averages show no significant advantage to either candidate and no over-night changes.

FLORIDA: The sunshine state could go either way. There were no polling reports in the last 24 hrs..

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