Sunday, September 23, 2012

One of the 47 Percent

Since Mitt Romney’s comments about the 47 percent, the stories, about people who used the government as a life-line in troubled times, keep rolling in! Here’s a good one.

This is all I’ve got for you today, but it is a priceless, wondrous bit of reading – and not lengthy by any means. I was a Welfare Mother, by Larson Warren, is a terrific story of someone, down and nearly out, who grabbed hold of the only thing that could save her – government assistance. As one of the 47 percent, as Mitt Romney would classify her, she used that assistance to rebuild her life. (And, the Gig Rose Gay illustration at the top of the story is worth examining.)

It’s neat! It’s good Sunday reading.

Oh yes! You’re welcome!

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